Key n.8 HB - Sweden presents the official and authorised reprint of the published works by Feinberg as well as world premiere publications of some manuscripts to follow.

 For personal reasons, the publisher was not able to continue with the project of reprinting scores of works by Feinberg. We sincerely apologise to everyone who asked for scores; this situation may well continue at least one more year. But the company still exists, and it is probable that the project will restart.

For those curious about the reason for this interruption, the explanation is very simple: one person with many projects and a family can’t do everything. It would certainly be preferable to find another person to take care of this project, but it requires dedication as it is far from ever becoming an attractive business from the financial point of view.

Please note that the four scores already published were printed in verysmall runs, and are now no longer available. Nevertheless, professionalmusicians can always write to us (at since we may be ableto assist those with urgent projects.

First publications - 2004 - were:

Sonata n.1 op 1 & n.2 op 2 (1 score)
Sonata n.4 op 6
Suite n.1 op.11
Largo in a minor after Bach


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