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Here are the latest issues published by Bis and Altarus featuring music of Skalkottas (BIS 1554) and Feinberg (Altarus 9038) in 2008 & 2009/See details in the list of recordings, clicking on the image below:


The recording of the 16 Songs of Skalkottas was awarded the
Gold Orpheo - Prize 'Gerald Moore' by the Académie du Disque Lyrique 2008, in Opera Bastille (Paris / France)
see details (in French) and several reviews (in English) by clicking HERE

BIS 1413 - 1414
Feinberg's complete sonatas
 - 2004)
Press review

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CD Feinberg 1st Piano Concerto World Premier Recording

Altarus 9034 (2008)

CD Skalkottas 32 pieces (2001)

Press review

BIS 1244
Chamber Concertos (2003)

BIS 1464
Skalkottas :
16 songs &
piano pieces

Press review

 The recordings of the 12 Sonatas of Feinberg are now available worldwide (cd BIS 1413 & 1414 - see above), as well as the world premiere recording of the 1st Piano Concerto, 27 songs and several piano pieces published by Altarus Records. 
Updated (2009) list of recordings
Skalkottas & Feinberg

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About Feinberg' scores:
Unfortunately, the new reprint edition of Feinberg scores by "Key n.8 - HB" is not anymore available. You can read more details about this, clicking above for the special page info.

On this page you can find a biography of both Skalkottas and Feinberg by Christophe Sirodeau.
(note that the French version of the
Skalkottas biography is more detailed).



Nikos Skalkottas
by Christophe Sirodeau

 Samuil Feinberg
by Christophe Sirodeau

English Francais Deutsch

English Francais Deutsch

Nikos Skalkottas par John G. Papaïoannou (in French)
Catalogue of works

Catalogue of works

Comité d'Honneur

de l'Association

(Honorary Commitee)

Victor Bunin
Marie-Françoise Bucquet
Sophia Feinberg
Heinz Holliger
Henry-Louis de La Grange
André Lischke
Victor Merjanov
John G. Papaïoannou
Alain Poirier
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Nuria Schoenberg Nono
Irina Shostakovitsh
Leif Segerstam
Nikos Skalkottas fils

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Feinberg & Skalkottas)

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